A Voice for the Rest of Us

“non-announcery” sound, professional chops.


“Not too slick.” “Not announcer-y.” “Regular sounding guy.”

Among the most common casting specs these days is someone who sounds nothing like a traditional, stereotypical announcer voice. But of course, a real amateur can’t actually take direction. What you need is someone who can sound natural, but can deliver like a pro.

You need Regular Joe VO.

Regular Schmoe

Once in a while you don’t just need a guy, you need a real schlub of a guy. You want I should dial the sound of competence down a notch? Done.

Joe In-the-Know

Looking for the knowledgeable-yet-approachable voice of expertise? Let Joe fill you in. 

Irregular joe

Regular guy VOs aren’t for every spot. Sometimes you need character voices too.


As an advertising creative, I bring a writer’s ear to delivering your script.